Tinder first messages anyone?

There's a guy on Tinder and he's so handsome in such a unique way, I want to try message him but I don't want to be boring. I always see guys sending witty first messages to girls, but what about a girl messaging a guy? I have "I'm sitting here trying to come up with something clever to say because you're so handsome" but I don't think I'll send it, I was just brainstorming. Ever heard of any cute first messages?


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  • Guy I'm seeing off tinder wrote me something silly but thought provoking.. He asked me if we had all the money in the world, where would we go and why... LOL as a girl obsessed with travels it worked like a charm ;)
    Good Luck!

    • "He asked me if we had all the money in the world, "

      the appeal of that was just too much. eh

    • Ahahahaha it was the travel aspect that got to me not the money trust me ;)
      Plus he said "we" lol I wouldn't mind building an empire with someone, or building one on my own, but I for sure am not a gold digger :p

    • Yeah I just want something memorable :) thanks!

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  • Message him about what it is you find appealing about him. You have no excuse to chicken out online. Go for what you want and take risks like everyone else, if consider messaging someone a "risk" (which it isnt).

    Forget cute lines. That's bullshit. Guys are straight forward.

    • I'm not chickening out, just want something to say other than "Hi, how are you" because I hardly ever reply to stuff like that. Haha I don't consider messaging someone a risk, I think you misunderstood my question. I'm just looking for quirky ideas before I settle on something that isn't memorable :)

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  • ask him ay would you rather question, like would you rather date a model or fuck an overweight woman :D or just say hey, I don't think you should over-think this

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