Ever choose gaming over a date?

I've done this a few times, not too often, and I'm feeling guilty that I didn't feel guilty about it. I just want to know if anyone knows about any long term repercussions of my behavior (gaming 3-4 hours a day) in relation to my love life.

Just so you know a little about me:

I'm active and in shape

I have a life and friends

I'm an honors student in college

I won't go near mmorpg's, though WOW is looking more and more appealing

3-4 hours was a loose estimate, but it ranges anywhere from an hour or so for a quickie to over 12 hours

I'd like to know what you guys think will happen to me in the long term, I don't want lectures about how evil games are or how I'm in denial, I know I'm an addict, I'll live with it

I'm in a steady relationship, 10 months and counting


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  • I think gaming everyday 3-4 hours, though sometimes it is 1 hour and other times it is 12, has got to be impacting your life and probably your relationship. Between gaming, going to classes, homework and studying, your friends and a girlfriend, well that is a full slate of activities. If you add a part-time job to that, which it sounds like you don't have right now, then forget about it. Your girl is going to get the short end of the stick.

    At your age, a long-term relationship is not likely to be very important. But if you do not want to lose your girl, and if this is already causing friction or you end up needing to add other stuff into the mix, further limiting your dating, you need to reconsider what you want more, the girl or the game. It's your choice.


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  • It's too much. Unless you are wealthy enough that you don't have to work, that is. If you game 3 - 4 hours per day AND work AND do stuff like grocery shopping, then you can't have much time for anything else. If you're in good shape now and really do have a life and friends, then I can't imagine how you'll stay this way in the long term.

    You said that you're an honors student in college right now and gaming a lot probably works in that environment. But after you graduate, if you keep gaming at the level you are now, you will probably end up pretty isolated.

    Some girls probably wouldn't care that you are a fan of gaming, but I think you'd need to cut it down to a two - three times per week or an hour or so a day to get a half-way normal girl. Any kind of obsessive behavior that prevents people from taking care of their lives is freaky, not just gaming.

    • I'm 18, I'm a full time student, I don't work

      no, honors students aren't big gamers, we're just in harder classes

      out of all my friends, I'm the biggest gamer, but we all play videogames, all play sports, and are all kinda semi otaku

      oh, and I'm with a steady girlfriend right now, 10 months now, sorry I forgot to say that

      thanks for the input

    • I guess I don't understand your question then. If you are happy with your lifestyle and don't want to change it, then that's up to you. Personally, as an associate professor who likes gaming and whose work involves a lot of programming, my opinion is that you might want to spend time developing other interests too. You are only an undergrad once and it would be a shame if you ended up regretting not taking advantage of opportunities you have right now to broaden your interests.

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  • Gaming doesn't turn women off, like some guys would like you to think.

    What it communicates to her is that you're a man with interests and desires, and just because she's hot and has a va-jay-jay doesn't mean you're going to drop everything to be her puppy dog.

    The only reason excessive gaming would be a problem is if you're feeling lonely, sexually unsatisfied, and losing touch with friends.

    That being said, if you're looking for a girlfriend, and are struggling to find/keep one, then it's time to start becoming more social, and less antisocial.

    Play games, but invite friends (Rock Band!?)

    Don't feel guilty, and don't change. Unless you're unhappy with the results.

    ~ Robby

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  • The best thing you could would be to get her into gaming! I dated one girl for about 14 months who was as into games as me (im just a little over casual) and we could just play some games as our date. It was fantastic!

    Of course you gotta do other stuff too, don't get lazy and stop working for the relationship, but you might try bridging the gap?

    (Guitar hero is a good one for that, and maybe some FF if she's into crazy fiction stuff)

    • She plays Sims, that's it, I'm like into Metal Gear, Killzone 2, Brutal Legend, Infamous, a lot of the Epic stuff, so unfortunately there's no commonality in our tastes

  • Never, my list of priorities are;

    1, Girls

    2, Family

    3, Out with Mates

    4, Gigs/music

    5, Work

    6, College (im part time studying)

    7, Reading

    8, Rock Climbing/jogging

    9, Games

    I got really into football manager and the new batman game but to spend times on it seems a waste when so much else I can do. But that's my pov and hold nothing against gamers

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