Does a romantic dinner in a woodshed creep you out?

ok so this girl i really like invited herself over for dinner. i dont mind because i like her. but my house is not exactly modern. its basicly a woodshed with a toilet. there is wheat harvesting cutters and tools all over the walls. i have a old oil drum with ply wood stabled too it for a table. i could cover it up with a cloth though. its creepy i know it. but its cheap rent. will she mind? should i explain cancel or take her to a reasturant.?

asked to do lunch because its less scary in the light. I picked her up so I can walk her in and see her reaction. she saw the place and got nervous kind of. but I smoothed talked her to calm her down. I brushed her hair back an said easy child nothing here will hurt you. lunch went good. I had lamb. I covered the carkus with a sheet. she just left. thought I would share


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  • No! that sounds awesome and very cute :) I would take that over a 4-5 star restaurant any day!

    • I can slaughter the dinner right there and then it will be prepared and eaten

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    • lol sure thing.

    • sorry toots lunch went well. im happy

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  • It would creep me out a little, but if you explain she might understand


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  • Ed Gein style? Nice.

    • how but I ed gein your ass all over gag for that comment. no just kidding, but seriously its a little ed gein-ish

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    • *Concentration camp and she would choose prisoners to be skinned for making lampshades among other atrocities. I don't know if Ed Gein had any idea about Ilse, and her 'fernature', but he did the same.

    • *furniture
      Holy Fuk this phone sucks balls.

  • Take her to a restaurant instead.

    • but then she will want to go back to my place anyway. at least if we walk in together I can see the look of sheer terror on her face and begin to calm her down.

    • Okay then do it then tell us how it went I hope it goes well.

    • went well. details up top

  • If she likes it then there's no problem. I'd rather go to a restaurant though.

    • nah dude im fucked. its so creepy in the woodshed.

    • Oh, so she's never been to your house before?

      Still, if she doesn't care then it should be fine.

    • she loved it

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