Should I be disappointed with him for this?

This guy I'm seeing asked me earlier today to let him know when I was free for tonight so that we can go out on a date tonight. And then when I text him which was 2hours ago, he said that he was busy and to "please keep him in mind". I just feel like why did he even ask me to let him know if he KNEW he was gonna be busy. We just started over new yesterday after he told me he never wanted to loose me and he loved me, he promised we would start going out on dates, but the first chance he gets to prove himself he does this. FYI. I stopped talking to him before because he never wanted to go out like tonight, another excuse. Should I go back to not even talking to him?


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  • You gave him a second chance with the romance and it seems he may be starting all over again here, dear, with a full circle pattern with lame duck excuses Because------He was gonna be busy.
    Keep an eye on this sticky situation that may end up going dead again in the water.
    If he pulls this little rotten egg stunt one more time, give him his walking papers and tell Him------Not even talking to you now.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much for answering. I really going to run with this advice because I was actually ready to do it last night. He's always telling me to be patient with him etc, but then it's like the FIRST night we get a chance to spend time together, he doesn't have the time. Ugh.

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    • I gave him his walking papers after him not even attempting to contact me in a week and then when I finally reached out he pretended not to know me. He's nothing but a lame duck lying jerk. He doesn't deserve anyone and no one deserves to have to put up with him. I feel bad for whoever does next.

    • Good for you, sweetie, smart cookie... Happy Easter tomorrow and with no thinking back, no having 'duck' tomorrow, just enjoy your blessed day.:)) xxoo

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  • Maybe he didn't know he was gonna be busy. BUT from your past it sounds like he might be bailing for no reason. I say give him a chance, it was only yesterday you started over, could be a genuine reason he can't go. but let him know excuses aren't going to be okay anymore.

    • That's what I'm saying and he even said that he got a lot of things situated from the last time, so now he actually has the time to hangout and do things with me. I just feel like he just put me to the back burner. Once AGAIN!

    • And that's my other point like we just started over yesterday and already he can't give me any time.

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