There is a girl my age who has been flirting with me and I would like to ask her out, but im not a very social person. Any suggestions?

She has been flirting with me for a while and I would like to ask her out but im not a very social type of guy, and after my previous breakup im not sure if I could handle another.


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  • Start flirting back, gradually get flirtier. If she doesn't back away then when you guys are alone just say hey you wanna go out a some time or say like hey I heard this new movie (enter title here) is really good, you wanna go see it sometime? iK its nerve wracking but I'm promis you can do it. And if you have yo handle rejction , don't be a jerk about it just say OK I understand because nobody likes a jerk

  • You just have to ask yourself if it is worth the risk. If you want to be with her you need to go ahead and ask her out. Boldly… non of this asking someone out through text or whatever. If you want something bad enough you just have to do it. :-)


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