Girls, girls: If a guy kisses you on the first date, do you only let him if you like him, or do you kiss him just because?

Went out with a girl, started off holding hands (which she initiated), and we got pretty close throughout the date. I tested the waters first by kissing her on the head, which she responded to by kissing me on the cheek. Later on I went for it and kissed her on the lips, which she responded to positively by kissing back. As we were leaving and walking out onto the street, she stopped me in my tracks when we were alone and started making out with me. As we parted ways, I kissed her goodbye.

For now I'm keeping it casual and not necessarily looking for anything long term, but I do want to see where things go with her. I'm not sure of her interest level, but at the very least there's a physical attraction for sure.

Stupid as this question sounds, was the kissing a good sign, or was it all just because? I've heard that some girls will kiss a guy or let a guy kiss them, but they don't mean anything by it.


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  • It honestly depends on the girl. There are some girls who kiss just for the sake of kissing, and thats all it is. There are also girls who think kisses are something that should only be done with someone that they really really care about and trust completely etc. Most girls are somewhere in the middle. But, this girl took the initiative and started making out with you. Thats a pretty ballsy move, so im guessing that she's probably pretty into you. The fact that she initiated the holding hands and that kissing on the cheek is more intimate than kissing on the head, i'd say that she is definitely interested in you. She's not taking it slow though, so maybe she's not interested in a long term relationship and more into a spring fling. Its up to you whether you want to take it further.

    • To be honest I'm not really looking to settle for anything long term at the moment either, I'd rather explore my options so a fling would be awesome lol!