What's a good second date?

So I having a second date with a girl a met 2 weeks ago. She was quite shy and didn't really give much away on our first date, but she was keen enough to agree to a 2nd date.

What's some good date ideas to get her to open up a bit more?

Any girls want to help me here? Got to plan this in the next 4 days!
Anyone else help me pls?


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  • If you can cook: cook for her.
    I don't know where you live but do a picnic: it can be outside if it's nice weather or inside if it's bad weather!
    Is she likes music/books you could go to a music/book shop and go to a tearoom afterwards.
    Do a boardgame date, search for as many games you ahve and play a few!

    I don't know if you have these where you live but were I live we have these gardens that have like special plants in it from other countries and stuff, like a museum: if she likes nature you could go there!


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  • Maybe go to lunch? Ask her about what she's interested in like hobbies, favourite movies/songs/books. Try to get to know her more. Don't try and make it a formal date, but instead a more casual one. So then she can be comfortable around you and open up more :)

    • That was the first date!

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  • Date at wet and wild.

  • If she is shy I would try to come up with activities that would make her relax, like playing table tennis, bowling or even hiking. Of course it depends on the type of girl.

    Then plan to have a conversion with her in a quite place so you two can get closer to each other.

    I would also try to arrange so the date takes place during the evening so she doesn't get the wrong idea.