Girls, have any of you had a boyfriend who always broke your heart for some reason kept coming back to you?

Have any of you had a boyfriend who kept dumping you again and again but somehow always crawled back into your life over and over and over again begging for another chance? If so, how many times did he dump you and try to get you back?


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  • when I was like 15 my high school boyfriend cheated on me. I dumped him, then took him back a month later. he then dumped me for another girl but still kept trying to come back all four years of high school. shit we'd still be doing this back and forth shit NOW if I allowed it. some guys don't want you, they just want you as an option along with all the other women. if he really wanted me he would have treated me right when he was dating me and not let other girls take his attention away. but since he didn't, he did what he did. I was silly enough to take him back the first time, but the same behavior kept popping up when I gave him another chance again. the moral of the story is: know your worth and never give anyone a discount. if he dumps you once he should never have another chance to do it again

    • My boyfriend dumped me. Then he came crawling back 4 months later. Now he recently dumped me again. I was curious about this because I want to know if he'll try crawling back again..

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