When dating for over a year, if you haven't heard from your SO for most of a day, is really missing them a good thing?

If you have been with your SO for at least a year and communicate in some way throughout the day, but at least morning and evening every day, even when you aren't near eachother, is missing them a good or bad thing?

  • Yes, sounds a bit needy or at least wanty
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  • No, it shows you really care for them
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  • Neither, who cares?
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What Girls Said 1

  • Communication is wonderful, but it is normal to desire to physically want to be with them when you can't. Missing them is fine, no matter how many times you communicate throughout the day. It still isn't the same as looking in their eyes or feeling their warm skin, breathing in the event if them, touching their hair. Totally different. So no, not needy at all.

    • Thanks. ... and, wow, that makes me want to see her even more. Someone has a gift with words.

What Guys Said 1

  • It shows that you want to communicate more with them, does not necessarily mean its caring or needy.

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