I'm scared What do I do?

So me and this guy in Europe have been causally talking for a while and then things got somewhat extreme. One day we were texting each other and then about a week later he asks does anyone know that he's my bf. Before then I had no idea we were dating since he never asked me out. I ended up telling him that's I told my friend that I was talking to him. But we never actually talked exactly about our personal life. So the problem is that I think he's 17 about to turn 18 and I'm 14 about to turn 15 and I don't want to ask him or tell him because im scared I'll break up with me. But we've seen pictures of each other and I'm not sure if he figured it out.


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  • First of all... How is this actually a relationship? Have you met each other? In my opinion you should clear things out with him. For instance when did you start being a couple on the first place? What do you know about each other? How is this going to work? Tell him your age. You don't have to loose anything here, rather than an "imaginary " boyfriend...


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  • This is stepping into dangerous grounds if you ask me.
    Sorry to poor water over your fireworks but how do you know he is who he said he was and to say you're boyfriend and girlfriend is a bit much for me.
    You need to talk to him and set the record straight.
    don't send tell him any personal information about you or your life. Don't send any risky photos of yourself or anything it's to dangerous.
    Please stay safe and think about what you say and do.
    Sorry to be all mean adult on you but it's a horrible world outside.


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  • basically things are getting out of control. it's a bit dangerous in my opinion. you're still young and this guy seems a little out of mind. i mean you're only texting, right? how is this supposed to be a realy relationship? clear things up and don't talk to him that much

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