Is shyness a turnoff for you?

im a shy guy and i dont want to be shy in front of this girl. but she likes me and knows im shy. should i just not let the shyness get in the way? if she flirts anyway then it must not be a problem to her?


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  • It's not a turn off for me. I think if a girl has confidence and more outgoing than you then it isn't a problem. It only becomes a problem when two people who are shy are alone together, because they both become awkward. They aren't sure what to say and there is that uncomfortable silence

    I am very outgoing and confident person, i prefer a guy who is shy rather than an extrovert. Personally an extrovert is a turn off for me.


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  • I don't mind shyness at all in guys :) Im quite shy myself so I understand.

    If you like her i wouldn't let the shyness get in the way. I regret not acting on things because of my shyness!


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  • It can go both ways. I'm a really outgoing and social guy and girls have told me in the past that that really like my confidence but at the same time my girl (female) friends have often told me that it's cute when guys are shy.

    If she flirts with you anyway then just be yourself, no reason to try anything different :P

  • Not a turn off per se. Rather it is more of a significant obstacle to conversation because I'm shy. If we're both shy what kind of conversations can we really have. Nice weather we're having? Or should we have an awkward conversation about our mutual shyness.