Whats up with this girl from the gym? I'm confused and frustrated with her?

this new girl appeared at my gym at start of January and seen her there on a regular basis since but its been very weird and i find her very confusing . she definity notices me and was an incident when she got jealous when i tried to talk to another girl at gym . she also brough this guy friend to gym a couple times as like a work out partner but they didn't appear to be dating . there is also a lot of sexual tension as she is always wearing these sexy skin tight yoga pants that show off her tight butt and body .

this girl is like in her early to mid 20's , she reminds me of a lady from work who went to same gym after a divorce that same sort of behaviour . which makes me wonder if this girl also went through some sort of break up and taking frustration to the gym for relief . it seems like there is some reason for her behaviour .

i had wanted to talk to her yesterday but she put her headphones on and then went on treadmill for like 30 minutes and by then i had decided to leave gym . i'm not sure how to try and go about getting to know her better or if she is even looking for someone to date from the gym or just wants to work out ?


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  • Start with a small convo and maybe ask to get lunch or dinner whatever it is after y'all workout at the gym

    • I think a conversation is best bet , I'm not sure how easy it will be to make happen though

    • Well good luck. Hope to be ur MHO!

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  • Just try light conversation with her if she gets close and if it goes well ask if she wants to grab a coffee. Coffee is simple and doesn't imply anything. You'll know from there.

    • I was thinking about that too , but not really a place to go rate beside the gym , its sort of not beside a restaurant or cafĂ© , you'd have to drive a couple minutes to nearest place , it be easier it there was something you could walk to from gym than trying to get her to another location

    • that is a problem.
      If the light talk goes well try mentioning some place you'll be at later and tell her that she could join you. At the very least you'll know what up.

    • lol no. Girls assume and over analyze shit more than guys do. Anytime you ask them to go somewhere alone, they will think its a date.

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  • She's probably trying to find a way to get your attention, which of course she has so now it's your turn to go and talk to her she's probably waiting on you secretly to talk to her but doesn't want to seem desperate or needy, ps I know because I've gone through this phase before lol

  • I'm definitely this kind of girl in the gym. She wants you to give her attention however she doesn't want you to talk to her invade things get weird, then she feels like she can't workout there anymore. If she has her headphones in she definitely isn't up for a conversation, she's working out. Try catching her at the water fountain or when she leaves! Ask what she's lifting today and if so what? Etc. don't go straight for the number start gradually talking to her.


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