Why would an ex only text u when you text them but won't text u first?

After we broke up he wanted to be friends but I was too hurt at first, he was upset tht I didn't think we could be friends and tried texting all the time. We then didn't talk for months and then I thought I'd be emotional able to be friends he said he still wanted to be. We talked for a week and it was real nice we both caught up on a lot. The convo kind of came to an end I didn't wanna bother him to much by asking even more questions. He then didn't text for over a week so I asked about this app request he kept sending on fb . He just apologized for it but didn't start a convo after? I decided to leave him alone and now it's been alil over a month?


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  • He doesn't text first because you care more than he does. It takes time to get over someone and having contact with them only makes it hurt more. I hope this helps.


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