Stuck in my feelings?

I liked guy1 for like two and a half years until guy2 came along. I like guy2 a lot more than the other guy but he lives like three hours away and I think he only likes me as a friend. Guy1, at one point he may have liked me but now I don't think he does and he's really hard to talk to. A few days ago I was going to tell guy1 that I liked him risking being rejected but never got the chance. Now I'm not sure if I wanna do that anymore cuz I like guy2 way more. Any advice?

I thought guy1 liked me but not so much anymore. He thinks I'm dating someone else which I'm not & things are kind of confusing so I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me & he's not really that nice anymore. He used to hold doors for me or pick up stuff if I accidently drop it and now he lets the door slam in my face & today a piece of paper fell right next to his feet and this other guy was waiting for him to pick it up but guy1 just stared at me all mad like so the other guy picked it up for me


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  • Keep your good connection with guy 2 while trying your best to get the guy 1. Approach the guy 1 when you feel that it is the right time. If he accepts then hurrah and if he refuses then go for guy 2. During the procedure, you will build enough understanding and comradeship with guy 2 that you could approach him easily and with better chances of succession.
    Good Luck :)

    • Honestly if things actually work out with guy1(not likely) I wouldn't be as happy because I know I'd rather be with guy2

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    • @Asker
      Okay I see. That's makes sense. I can see where you would be concerned about that. So is guy 1 out of the pic pretty much then?

    • Ya. Guy1 goes to school with me so it's hard to move on but if I see guy2 then guy1 feels like the thing of the past

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