Should I tell my ex boyfriend I miss him? And how?

So my ex and I are both 17 and in high school. We had a mutual breakup almost a month ago because we were both so busy with out of school activities that we could barely find time to see each other. We were together for 6 months. At first it was hard for me cause I loved him a lot, but we decided to stay friends. It was hard just being friends at first, and he also didn't speak to me as much in school. I got over him within like a week and we started talking a little more so I was happy to keep our friendship. But in the last week, he's been super super nice to me and we've been talking in school quite a bit. He talks to me in all our shared classes and when we pass each other in the hall he'll actually talk to me or acknowledge me. Then Friday after school I was sitting on this couch thing and instead of walking right past me as usual he walked up to me and like stole my shoe and tried hiding it or whatever. Like the point is he actually stopped and gave me attention. So this week I kind of started regaining feelings and I miss him a lot. And yesterday was the sadies dance and he showed up with one of my friends but I really doubt they're anything more than friends. He barely talked to me yesterday though and I was hoping he would. So I don't know if this shows that he's starting to like me again or if he's just more comfortable being friends now? I just really want to know before I start liking him a lot :/ should I text him, kind of flirt more, I don't know haha. Thank you :)


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  • The lack of time was the only reason or do you think the feeling was fading away, because of that, too?
    I think it's possible that he still has feelings or you, because it wasn't so long ago. I'm sure he don't want to lose your friendship, too, so this is the way he decided to act. He's trying to break the ice by doing those funny things because he don't want to lose connection with you at all or don't want you to have resentments.
    But at the same time, I don't know if he wants to come back. It seems he's trying to don't be too close.