Guys, am I a part of a stupid game? Or?

Normally I'm good at knowing what guys want. But this one is hard to crack.
He rejected me a year ago because of another girl Now it is almost a year ago and he's still single.

We don't talk to each other, but he is almost always overhearing my conversations when he is nearby.
He always looks a me, it doesn't matter if I sit right in front of him or far way, I can feel his staring and see it from the corner of my eye. It's almost as if he don't really care if I catch him. Well sometimes he cares.
His body is sometimes turned towards me. I'm not sure if it matters.
He hang out with the guys and girls I hang out with, I normally starts hanging out with them. Then he get to know them afterwards.
If he is sitting in front of me he is sometimes leaning in towards me, as the only guy I know he does it.

The reason why I think he might be playing a game is because he openly admitted in front of me that he is dating online, and he meet a girl. But all the guys we both know are doing this for fun as a game. And also because he rejected me earlier.
I don't know where I got him? I don't know if he really likes me? Or if I'm a part of a stupid game?


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  • Well I am fairly sure that he is into you on some level. He is trying to be friends with those around you and learn about you by being with them. As far as the online dating thing, if all the guys are doing the online dating they are probably just playing the games with girls online. I would suggest maybe talking to him about how you are feeling, and if he feels the same. If he does not then at least you will know