I've never had a girlfriend, is that weird if you're 19 years old?

I'm a 19 year old boy and simply put, I've actually never done something with a girl, but talk to them. What I mean about this is, is I've never kissed one, dated one, had sex with them, had a relationship, ... I've only been friends with them and I'm getting frustrated about this. I want to meet a girl who loves me and who I can love back, but I don't know how. I've been on Twoo for over a year and only met one girl who really liked me and I also liked her, but a couple of weeks ago she started dating her ex again. Now I am in search again to another one, but I just cannot find her. I would like to meet more people in the real world instead of online, but in my country (Belgium) it is somewhat considered weird to start talking to a complete stranger and honestly, I'm a bit too shy for that. I have also tried going out with my friends, but that also didn't help and wasn't fun actually. Any advice you guys/girls can give me?



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  • I have only had one relationship that did not last to long and have not done much of anything else just like you. Do not be to worried man there is plenty of time for dating and your time will come, trust me. Just work on being the best version of yourself and always be true to yourself and eventually the dating and relationships will come.


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  • first of all it´s not weird that you never had a girlfriend it´s comleatly normal there is no need to rush relationship things first i would focus on finding yourself before finding a girl to date

    second of all before you try to date i would advise you educate your self on how to talk to girls because sexisim is never flattering for a girl (not that i´m saying you are sexist) but try to educate on like how to be polite and keep a conversation going and just general social traits

    good luck!

    • What do you mean with "finding yourself"?

      And secondly, I know how to talk to a girl, that's not the problem. I know sexism isn't the way to go and I learned that somewhat the hard way...

  • It's not weird, I'm 20 and I have never had a boyfriend, dated a guy or even kissed one. I have only been friends with guys. Don't worry about too much because it isn't that big of a deal.

  • no.. im 19 and i've never had a bf either.. lets be weird together :p


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  • Firstly stop trying to find love or a ltr. Rushing that is gonna land you with years of misery and will cause you to 'settle' rather than waiting for somebody that's best for you.

    I was 19 when I had my 1st gf, when I lost my V, so don't worry. What do you have that makes you attractive to women? Are you well groomed, do you have style, are you funny, are you smart, are you motivated and have stuff going on in your life other than playing xbox?
    Go to bars and clubs at weekends, if your friends won't go then go alone, I always club alone to meet girls. Read a book called The Game and Google "pick up artist", it will help a lot

    • I'm looking and waiting for her to show up, but I'm not rushing anything.

    • Just live life have fun and fuck a lot of girls, those are the best experiences you can have.