Guy wanted my number but ignored me today. What do I do?

I went to an event last month, where we were 20 people or so. From another table, one of the guys asked the hostess if he could have my number. He was too shy to approach me. The hostess told him, that it was better if he came to another event and talked to me there (because she didn't want to give out my number without asking me) I only found out that he wanted my number after he had left.

Anyway, 4 weeks later we had another event. The guy came there together with a group of friends, but I didn't notice him and hadn't seen him. There were so many people there. Later on, the hostess girl told me that there might be a possibiltiy the guy would be there. One girl said that a hot guy had been following us and the hostess said that that was the guy, who liked me. The guy even came into the same theatre hall as us to watch a show. I hadn't recognised him though.

However, later on he disappeared and the hostess girl didn't mention anything more about him. Is it safe to say that he wasn't interested in me? Did he come there to see me or am I overthinking? I'm really confused because he didn't approach me, even though he was apparently 'following us' according to one of the girls, who found him cute.


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  • He's shy to approach you. VERY LIKELY!


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