How to tell if she is lying when she says she only likes me as a friend?

So this girl I've been talking to and I always hang out and we had sex already and make long eye contact and cuddle. It was a weird situation where she thought I asked her if she liked me which I didn't but she responded "why are you putting me on the spot, turning red, I mean I guess as a friend" but her face read she was lying. Then later when we hung out again I swear she said I like/ I don't like you and when I asked her she said she didn't say that. But seemed nervous about it like she really did like me but was anxious about it. How can I tell if she is lying?


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  • Well, she MIGHT be lying but she also might not be. A lot of people think I have a crush/like my best friend. I don't like him, but I can see why they would think that. We are very close and are joined at the hip sometimes. We whisper things into each other's ears which makes our faces come very close to each other. We cuddle all the time. I also get very jealous and annoyed when he flirts with this one girl that I don't like. It's not because I have a problem with him flirting with girls (he's a player (I am too) and he had sex with lots of people and if he knows that someone has a crush on him, he likes to mess with their minds), but it's just that I really dislike this particular girl and she always interferes/ interrupts us when we are speaking with each other and I don't get to hang out with him a lot (we live in different states, but go to the same school just different campuses) so when I do see him in person (we usually Skype), I don't want my time with him to be interrupted by a girl I don't like.

    I've been confronted about liking him by my best friends that are girls and even by him a couple of times (although he plays it off as if he's just joking around, it's obvious that he's not). When I do get confronted I do get flustered and red (as red as a darker skinned black girl can be) in the face and it seems like I am lying, but I swear up and down that I am not. I truthfully don't like him, but people always want to assume I do. My parents and sister think I like him too. A lot of people think he likes me back. Haha, what idiots. LoL, just kidding.

    Like I said, she could be telling the truth ESPECIALLY since you guys have already had sex, but it is possible that she really isn't and just feels uncomfortable when people ask her, like I do when people ask me the same thing.


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