Is this guy shy or just not interested in me?

there's this guy in all my classes who glances at me from time to time and when he does something funny i laugh but he doesn't and i was thinking he doesn't like me because i like him ;) anyways my friends think he likes me but i dont think he does?? please help


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  • i think he likes you but doesn't want to show it also not laughing at your own jokes is 100percent normal.

    • We hardly talk accept him calling me rosey cheeks and that annoyed me and we argue because he's annoying and disrupts the class plus he's only naughty when he's with his friend but when his friend isn't there he's all goody tooshy. liam is the guy i like but charlie is good friends with liam

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    • But why does he glance at me?

    • i dont know why he glances but when i liked this girl i glanced at her from time to time or maybe there is something interesting around you or its the person sitting next to you.

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  • He could be into you, the occasional glances indicate that. Talk to him and see if there is anything there


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  • I think he glances because obiously, he finds something in your appearance attractive to him