4 weddings with a guy I met on tinder... is that weird?

So I've been chatting with this guy on tinder. Then he gave me his number, and we've been texting. He brought up meeting me, but when I go home for Easter , I have plans with my family the entire time. and then I'm not home from school till may. He brought up getting together when I get back. and then he mentioned needing a date to 4 weddings he has this summer. I guess I sort of aggreed. I just feel really weird going to weddings with a guy, where I'm not going to know anyone.


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  • Kind of? I mean you guys have just talked and never actually met. I would at least hang out with him a few times before completely agreeing to go

    • yea, I know I sound crazy. I kind of got on tinder just for kicks while I was home. I didn't really think anything would come out of it. I definitely don't mind meeting him, I also feel weird because I'm 20 and still in college, and he's almost 23 and has a job... I just kind of feel young, and a little unsure about why he would ask me...
      Would it be weird to ask him why he would ask a girl he barely knows to weddings?

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    • I'm hoping I'll feel more comfortable if I meet him in person. And I will back out if I'm not comfortable with it.

    • That sounds like a good plan to have, good luck :)

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  • He probably invited to the weddings because that's all he can get you to go to


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