Is it bad to be friends first? GUYS ANSWER

this guy and I have been talking for about two months now and we've become good friends. just the other day we talked abut being together but its hard because he's in college right now and I'm at home so we aren't sure what to do although we both want to be together. is it bad if you become really good friends with a guy first and then try to be together? because I know sometimes guys will say were too good of friends, i just don't want this to happen. what do you guys think about being really good friends first and then dating?


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  • i agree with twilightfan, but some people think that you can't get a relationship out of friendship because one feels like they are family not meant for dating. like my friend for example went out with this guy for 2 days, but they realized that they loved each other in a brother and sister way not a dating way.

    So I'm just saying it is a GREAT start to be friends, but I think you should be careful on getting TOO close.


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  • That's not true. Personally, I think the best relationships come out of friendships.