If a guy has two girls, both of whom he likes, will he ever forget about one of them?

Kind of like, he knows it's between the two of them at the end of the day, and he picked one...will he ever forget about the other, knowing how close it could have been to being her?

And do girls often realize that their boyfriend might like someone else, even if he doesn't explicitly say it?


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  • The other would become a friend, since they pretty much already are in the first place. (I'm in this situation cause I'm kinda crushing on two girls. One I am more pursing right now, the other I've been crushing on for over a year and she has had like two boyfriends in that time.)

    • If the other one wasn't a friend, just an acquaintance, why would the guy bother with her at all? If he already has someone... why fish for the other?

    • Well okay she'd stay whatever she was. You can have female acquaintances and friends even if you have a girlfriend...

  • He might wonder about what could have been the other girl sometimes, but the reality is he chose the one he did for a reason.

    As for the boyfriend he may like another girl, but once again he is choosing to be with his girlfriend.


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