Dating Tips for Men in Their Mid-20's to Early-30's?

I am a 26 year old man and I was wondering if anyone in my age range or older could provide some dating tips for men unique to my age range? I had very little trouble getting the attention of girls when I was in high school but I struggled in college and in my early twenties for some reason, it seemed that most young women at that age were really more attracted to a guy's wild or bad behovior more than anything else about him( I am a confident, clam, and generally secure tough good guy as my name suggests). Regardless I am not here to whine about my dating dry spell but I am rather looking for some basic advice on what women in my age range of 25-33 are looking for in a man at this stage of life? I know a good career, a home, a nice car and some intresting hobbies are good starts but are there any other sugestions for men my age? Thank You


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