I gave mixed signals at first, but I'm interested now. How should I let him know?

So, I went to get a tattoo a little over a week ago and ended up having a great talk with my artist while he worked. It was really uncharacteristic of him, as he's known for being anti-social. A couple of hours after I left the shop, he messaged me on Facebook asking if I was seeing anyone. I explained that I'm gay, and he apologized and admitted that he was just really interested because he's generally very shy, but I was easy to talk to. I figured that was the end of us talking at all because that's how it normally goes with guys when they find out I'm gay. They just never talk to me again.

However, the next day he messaged me again to see how my day was going. We had a good long talk, and he ended up inviting me to a barbecue with him and his friends. I figured it couldn't hurt to at least make some new friends, so I went along and had a GREAT time. This guy and I have texted a little bit each day getting to know each other, and I even spent a few hours in his tattoo shop last night (at his invitation of course). At this point, I've really reconsidered dating him and would like to make it apparent that I'm interested. I don't want to come off as fickle, since I essentially already let him know that he didn't have a chance. But now that I have gotten to know him some, I can definitely see myself dating him. I have dropped the subtle "lightly touching his arm" hints, and I think us hanging out a couple of times within the week is a good sign. He refers to me as 'babe' when he texts me goodnight and tries to stand close to me when we're together, so I know he's still interested.

I just don't know how to go about letting him know that I'm interested, without coming on strong or forward. I want him to keep pursuing me slowly the way he has been, but I want to make it clear to him that he's not just wasting his time. Any tips?

Nevermind! I guess I got my point across because as we texted today, he said, "I really wasn't expecting you to be interested in me lol." So I guess he knows!


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  • So you're not actually gay?

    • Well, I generally think of sexuality as more of a spectrum. But personally, I haven't even considered being with a guy in 7 years until now. So, to be technical, no I guess I'm not gay, but I see it more as he's an exception to the rule.

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  • Reciprocate his actions. When he moves closer, move closer to him. He'll get the hint that you are interested

    • Thanks! I've been sort of trying to do that. As in, he may shift around and end up with our arms touching, and I just keep mine there haha. Kind of giving him the okay to be closer to me. It's only been a week, so I'm trying hard to be really subtle. I just haven't dated a guy in about 7 years, so I'm out of practice!

    • Lol the just keep it up and maybe initiate some playful banter like tease him. Little pecks here and there will also help him see what you're trying to say.

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