Ex wants to meet up as friends. Why?

My ex dumped me 5 months ago, saying he didn't want a relationship at the time. I cut all contact with him, but he did reach out to me a couple of times. Two days ago, he texted me 'hey, how are you?' I responded and we texted back and forth for a while.

Then today, I got a text from him saying he wants 'to meet up as friends at some point'

I told him it wouldn't be a good idea because I couldn't stay friends with him and wanted him romantically. Why would my ex want to 'stay friends' or meet up as friends again after dumping me?


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  • Happened to me last year. Its the classic line used when an ex wants you back. I refused friends with my ex an he's out my life. Thank goodness. It means he regretted ending it

    • Yep I was just thinking about you, wanted to see how you were doing and next thing you know are you seeing anyone? Can we hang out sometime? lol Stay you ass in the past please!

    • Yeah my ex was like you seeing anyone an talking to me like we still close. Saying how am i doing etc when i am so over it. Guys are cray @Creole_Flavor

  • He just wants some pussy