How to date if you're too busy but hate online dating?

I basically have no way to meet guys. At the current moment, I'm still in college completing my degree, but am living back at home with my parents while completing internships before graduation; therefore, I don't see any of my friends, but especially no new guys, since I'm not on campus, and all of the guys at my internships are older and married (and even if they were single, I'm not about to flirt with them when I don't even work there yet!). Even when I do graduate, I'm probably going to be working nightshifts at a hospital, which pretty well takes me out of the dating world, since I will have such a wonky schedule and will probably be working weekends often. I know that online dating is probably the easiest way to go, but I've tried it before and it didn't work out well for me; plus, my parents are the kind who are very nervous about the prospect of online dating and believe that's how you get murdered, so even if I did find someone online, I would have to lie to my parents or have them guilt-trip me about my choices, neither of which I am comfortable with. Are there any other options for me other than becoming a cat lady?


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  • Look here you either make some time to get out there, date online, or hit on the mailman or pizza delivery guy because that is the only way its gonna happen. Another option is to let someone set you up on a date.


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