Is it normal to only see/talk to the person you're seeing once a week?

Shy guy asked me out about 3 weeks ago. We've known each other for about 6-7 months before he asked (technically i made the move first), but we dont actually know each other that well. We see each other about once a week, and only text to make plans. Is that normal? He is a slow texter, and so am i sometimes...It's both of our first times being in a relationship.

The last time we hung out, earlier this week...I asked him what he thought of this relationship so far and he replied with "I like it. I like hanging out and spending time with you". He's a quiet guy, and is pretty simple. I just wished me talked a bit more, but he's a slow texter.

What's "normal" for when you first start seeing someone?


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  • It's different for every couple but I work a lot and only see my girlfriend once a week

    • That's true. Guess I'll just see how things go, there isn't any rush and he isn't a player anyways

  • no that's not normal.. unless they are traveling of something of that sort


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