I like my best friend, and what she said last week makes me think she likes me too?

So I've talked about her on here before. I'll include links in order form newest to oldest. Well anways we got together on Wednesday the 11th, and we talked about a lot of stuff like we always to, and I paid for a pizza, and we watched Friends on Netlfix, and cuddled, and tickled each other. Well while we were talking, she said, "I wish we could be fuck buddies, but I'm too emotional for that." and I agreeed that I'm too emotional for just being fuck buddies too. Well she's never had sex before, but we did almost have sex a couple of months ago, we both where only in our underwear, and we were kissing each other all over, and I was sucking and kissing on her boobs. If you want more info, please click the links belore, that agian go in order from newest to oldest.

But that do you think? Could she like me, and possible want to date me now?






Also, she is leaving to go visit China this summer for about 2-3 weeks as part of a school trip., so I think because of that, she may say no. but I really don't think that will be much of an issue for me.


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  • Why aren't you guys bf and gf already? Lol u might as well be


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