Girls, if a man doesn't pay for dinner/movie on the first date, would you stay with him?

say you met a guy and of course he made you feel good that you ended up accepting to go on a date. Say you guys are goin to have dinner and then movie but the guy doesn't pay for you instead he gets the bill at the dinner separate and at the movies he pays for himself, yet he is an amazing guy and he makes you feel very happy and makes you laugh all the time. Would you go on a second date with him knowing that he won't pay for you? Or would you even think about dating him? Or would you cut him off because he didn't pay for anything on the first date? First impression is the most important.

  • yes, i would go on a second date with him and possibly date him if he's amazing.
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  • no, i wouldn't go on a second date cause a man is supposed to pay for dinner on the first date.
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  • I picked B, not because a guy should pay for the whole date, but because all I need is a guy to offer to pay for the whole date or reach to get his wallet out. Then I would of course offer to pay for the whole thing as well, and if he said no, which he should, then I would offer to pay for half, and he can say whatever he wants to that. It's not about the money at all to me, it's about showing that he is a generous, caring guy. I would not want to be with a guy that cares so much about money that he can't even offer to pay for dinner for a person he is supposed to like, nonetheless.


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  • I wouldn't mind paying for myself or for the whole thing at all, and I always offer; however, I would be put off if he initiated the whole date and planned it, but never bothered to offer to cover my bill as well.

  • Well there is honestly nothing wrong with paying for your own movie and dinner as long as he doesn't expect you to pay for him.

  • I think he is better off picking a date he can afford - eg just a coffee, organise a picnic in the park. However, if you do go dutch it is best to set the expectation before you go. If I knew he wasn't well off and I had more money than him (eg I work and he's a uni student) I'd feel bad if he paid.