Should I move on?

There is this girl which is giving me mixed signals.

We had a couple of dates and even let me touch her stomach, thights, etc. She even come to my apartament one night. However when I try to kiss her she just avoids it.

This affects me emotionally because I build up the expectation just to see her backing off. It wouldn't affect me as much if she would reject me once and for all. I think she is not convinced/has better options as we know for 2 months already.

Also, I was thinking if she is a good match in general, like I feel that I am compromising on some of her traits, but anyway I wanted to know her and find out who she truly is despite the things I feel I compreomise.

So what do you say? Should I move on? Give another chance with the risk of experience the rejection again, its not like I can't handle it but I would prefer each rejection to be with another girl if you know what I mean.


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  • I think if you see her for 2 months now and she won't even kiss you something must be wrong. Either she has intimacy issues or she just doesn't want you. In both cases i would reccomend you to move on, there are other girls out there...

    • Ok, she let me kiss her when she come to my apartment just before leaving, however when we dated again she just avoided it.

      I would say strange behavior, however you are right, there are other girls... this one just puzzled me... building up my expectation just to be let down.

      Suppose she comes round, solves her intimacy issues, wouldn't be a bad start with this emotional roller-coaster am I experiencing?

    • I was once in a relationship with a girl that had such issues, and for me in the end i think it was a horrible up and down. But as i said for ME. I don't know you but if you are okay with always putting her need before your's especially when it comes to sex then you might give it a chance. If you are like me and sex is important to you, i guess you should move on...

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  • Maybe she has intimacy issues, in which case it could go either way, either she'll get used to you and be fine with it, or it'll go nowhere and maybe she'll back completely away if you pressure her


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  • If she's giving you the cold shoulder after 2 months yeah you definitely need to move on


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