Guy i'm dating said he has been emotionless for a long time and its hard for him to deal with feelings now. What did he mean by this?

We have been dating for 7 months and the whole time i knew he wasn't emotional and was closed off because he was protecting his heart because of bd experiences in the past and he told me he doesn't feel and he's a robot.But yesterday we had out first argument.He got so mad that he told me to leave his place and that he doesn't want this anymore and he's done.I got upset and started crying and then suddenly he started crying.He told me he never cries so this was surprising to me and i feel like it surprised him.He got mad,told me to leave his palce so i left without a word.Then an hour later he texts me and says i'm sorry,I don't know what's going on with me lately and then he said i have been emotionless for a long time and it's hard for me to deal with feelings.What did he mean by that?What feelings?Is he saying that he has feelings for me?and he's realizing it now?


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  • Emotionless. He has been trying to hide his emotions to protect himself. You made him realise how it has been. He definitely has feelings for you.