Why is he lying and coming up with excuses to avoid having me over to his place or staying at mine?

It's been almost 3 months and he has never invited me over. We always go out or stay at my condo. When I invite him to sleep over for the night, he says he has to work the next day even if earlier on in the day he mentions something about hanging out, so his story doesn't add up. When I asked about why he doesn't have me over he says "reasons" and that "it's a delicate living situation". Whaaaat does that even mean? Why is he avoiding this?


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  • He's either embarrassed about something or hiding something.


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  • He is ashamed about something at his placed.


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  • be careful.. he might have a girlfriend..
    I was in touch with a guy and he only invited me over when his flatmates were not there (I didn't go obviously!!)
    He couldn't have me over, cause he had a girlfriend...