Is he playing mind games?

So my crush finally asked for my number last Thursday. So last night him and I was texting and I was trying to keep the conversation going so I asked him is there anything you want to ask but you are nervous and he replied back saying "maybe wanting to F***K and me and him had this long conversation and I told him that's not want I only want and I asked him is that what he only wants and replied back saying "I'm not saying that's all I want, bt it might nice, I don't know lol and he replied back saying " he hasn't had a girl in my life in a long time so just feeling things out I guess. Long story short he wants to go with the flow and see what happens. But now i'm thinking he playing games and only wants sex, and before he asked for my number I never got this vibe from him until last night. When him and I would talk in person campus he would always talk about his son and random topics and just laugh. But the things is I need advice, should I keep talking to him or leave him because he playing mind games?


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  • I don't know if he is really playing mind games. It sounds to me like he is saying what he feels, he wants to go with flow and see where things go and not force anything. Of course he wants sex he asked right?

    • lol he did ask and pretty much I told him that not want I only want and he replied saying the same thing. Also I told him that its not going to happen anytime soon, so he nows I am still talking him I just nervous about if it will go anywhere or if he only wants sex. He just asked for my number so me and him just start talking outside of classes.

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    • Thats why I am thinking but the thing is we don't text about sex we just text about random things like ask about each other day or when we have classes so we can see each. But yesterday text did throw things off.

    • Yeah that would throw a wrench in things. I mean there is definitely the possibility that he has feelings and something more could develop out of it. On the other hand he could just not be sure of his feelings or what he wants

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  • He is a tricky one lol. Just feel him out some more and if it seems like all he wants is sex then let him go.