Girls will you ask a guy out? what do you think about girls asking guys out?

So my guy friend and I was talking about dating and I think some girls are nervous because I know I would for sure because I have a huge crush on him and I know how nice he is but I'm afraid to ask him out. Plus how can we tell if a guy is interested? He thinks that girls expects guys to do the job because majority guys ask girls out, that's why girls could be nervous.


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  • its more of a masculine feminine polarity thing than nervousness. but yaaaaaas girls should ask out guys more. that would be great.

    • Understandable, I don't mind asking guys out but it's hard for me to tell if they are interested or not

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  • i wish more girls did the initiating


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  • I probably wouldn't. I salute the girls that do though for taking charge and getting something they want. You go girl!

    • Same here I wish I was brave, and I know it's the best because at least we will know but I'm just afraid to even take the chance