How do I sever my emotional bonds?

I want to sever my emotional bonds to everyone and everything. They make me weak and pathetic, if I verse to sever them I'd be unimaginable powerful, mentally. Basically, I'm sick of the pain of bonds to others and want mine all gone. There's this one girl that I can't ignore my feelings for any longer, I want that gone, I want everything gone. Im sick of being weak and dragged down, I don't want to care about anything, not even life. What must I do?


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  • You don't, this isn't some tragic background for an anime character, it's the real world. Unless you're a sociopath, you're going to have emotions and you're going to get attached to people and things. If you sever those connections and ignore them, you won't become powerful, you become bitter, spiteful and you'll walk around with an emptiness inside of you, you won't be cool or edgy, you'll be diminished and you'll know what weakness truly is because you'll have nothing. Bonds don't make you weak, they give you strength. Embrace your emotions and don't run from them, feel them and accept them and they won't rule your life. Good luck man.

    • I don't care about being cool or edgy, I'm sick of suffering because I care about anyone I'm fucking sick of caring about people, I'd rather have no bonds or emotions than to be miserable all the time.

    • Trust me you're a hell of a lot more miserable when you try to server those bonds, because they don't just go away. It sucks right now, I get that man, I felt the same way when I was around your age. Do you have an emotional outlet at all?

    • Art, writing, friends (occasionally).

  • i dont think you would become unimaginably powerful, i think you would become a mouth breathing lingerer who can't relate to anyone. keep your emotions bruh. they help you.

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