How to get a guy who's used to girls chasing him?

We've been speaking quiete a lot lately and have been out a few times.
2 nights ago I was at his place and he told me he likes me. He wanted to have sex but I said no it's too soon. He said I'm the first girl who has turned him down like that. The next night he messaged me and said he missed me.
I messaged him first yesterday but haven't heard from him since.
He's pretty busy so I'm not too worried, but I need some advice.
He's used to girls making all the effort and chasing him. I'm used to the opposite and I don't want to be like every other girl.
How do I turn the tables and have him wanting to make more of an effort? I really like this guy but don't know how to play it since hard to get and clingy both obviously won't work lol..


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  • Don't message him anymore and when he finally text back, don't respond immediately. If he truly really only had girls chase after him, which I doubt it, you need to act like you can care less about him, that will set you apart from the rest.

    • If he doesn't apologise for not messaging sooner should I ask why he didn't reply?
      I hate games and he said he does too

      Mind you when we were just talking and hadn't gone out yet I didn't think he was very interested, so maybe he's just not good at texting.
      It's frustrating because I know he's had free time because were Facebook friends :(

    • Stop obsessing over a guy that isn't chasing after you... you are at the prime of your dating years don't waste it on someone that wouldn't give you the time of day