The girl I've been talking to has a boyfriend now?

I've been talking to this girl since August. I really liked her, and I was positive she liked me too. I've never had a girlfriend before, and I'm extremely shy, so it's no surprise that I never made a major move on her. We continued to text everyday and hang out every weekend, and I still remained hopeful about a relationship. Back in December I felt like she was avoiding me, so I confronted her about it (over text). She basically said that she hasn't felt like hanging out with anyone and she's been stressed, and she was sorry. I told her "I can't keep going thinking there is something when there's not," and we stopped talking. A week later I texted her apologizing, and then that weekend I kissed her (on the cheek) when we were hanging out. We kept texting after that, but only hung out once a month.

Anyway, fast forward to this weekend. I was going to ask her to hang out today, but didn't because it was my sister's birthday and the family was over. We were talking about college, so I went onto her Facebook page to see her major (because I didn't want to seem stupid if I got hers wrong). When I got there and clicked "About" I saw that she was in a relationship with some random guy that I had no other mutual friends with. I immediately changed the conversation and asked her when she was gonna tell me she had a boyfriend, and she texted back "Sorry, it hasn't been that long yet and I didn't really tell many people because I'm not really sure what is going to happen with it." I was trying to calm myself down at the time, so I just joked and said they sould of made it an "it's complicated" relationship. She said "It's only complicated because I make it complicated, and I don't think he realizes it is." At that point I was 100% done, so I said "Well that's nice." She responded with "I guess"

I haven't responded to that text yet, and I don't know if I should. I still kinda like this girl, but I have no clue where to take things. Any advice is welcome

I did some creeping and found out this guy is in the military and is stationed in Alaska. I'm assuming he's home on leave, which is probably what the complicated part is. So should I stick with the girl and see if they break up?


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  • Dude the creeping! I do that too. I feel that there are better women out there. I want to cling too, but I think it's time to let go. Cut your losses!