Does my friend like me?

My friend and I are country bumpkins. Like our lives revolve around rodeos and animals and FFA. We horseback ride and talk about knifes and we skateboard. Random right?
Well I noticed my guy friend has taken a liking to me? Or I think?
he's been texting me a lot lately, introducing his little sister to my parents, and worrying about how my parents think of him. He's been somewhat polite to me like picking up trash for me or something. He's been wanting to call me on the phone and if I don't answer he will text me until I answer.
But the thing that bothers me is that he told me about this girl my other friend tried hooking him up with. Though, he said he didn't get her number or have interest in her much.
We have "talked" before so I don't really know if he likes me or not
so give me your opinions!


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  • Yes he sure does like you. He's been giving you so much hints about his feelings towards you.
    and since he's only giving hints and not actually approaching you means he so much wants to do it but somehow he can't or may be he's just afraid that you'le reject him.
    So, I guess you'll have to make the first move.
    good luck.


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  • From what you just said it sounds like he would like to be more than just friends.

    I had similar situation with my best friend (guy) at about the same age you are, I talked to my Mom about him, it was just me who cared for him, (so I thocught), he cared for me too! My Mom told me he did, she said she could tell by the way he treated me, how he respected me that he loved me too. She just said I couldn't date him until I turned 16, (family rules for both my brothers and I). My Mom told me that I needed to come right out and ask him how he felt about me. We have been dating (officially) for a little over 2 years, I've known him since I was 5 and he started getting dropped off at my daycare after his morning kindergarten, he had just turned 6. He was my BFF before I asked him if he felt the same about me. I'm glad I talked to my Mom, glad she told me to ask him.

    Sounds like you probably should ask him if he likes you, if you like him and it's OK with your parents, maybe you have a boyfriend there girl. If your parents suggest that you wait, then respect their wishes on whatever res trick ions they place on you dating. They're not trying to ruin your life, they're trying to protect their "Little" Girl from being hurt.

  • Sounds like he does

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