Help! I think I am going into his friend zone, anything I can do?

well, there is this guy, we are friends already. he told me he wanted to tell me he liked me about a year ago, but he didn t because of being afraid of rejection. I told him i probably wouldn t have reject him. we are spending more and more time together. every Friday we go for studying together, but instead we end up going to movies or just going out. One night he was asking me what i would like in a boyfriend, what characteristics and was comparing all of them with himself. he asked me about 10 times a day whom i have a crush on ( which is him, but i don t tell him) and then continued guessing names and teasing me. He also teased me and messed with me, telling me he has a gf, but then he said that he doesn t. When I was mad, he makes me punch him so that i'd feel better. He asked me what do i expect from a relationship, and tells me its good for me to start a new one, tells me i shouldn't be that afraid, maybe the next person won't hurt me. Whenever i said that i liked to go somewhere, he would suggest planning going there together, but recently things are becoming much more friendly and much much less flirting. He doesn't get my points about liking to go somewhere anymore, we are not flirting, just talking every night and he is pointing out sexy jokes. I think i am becoming one of his "guy friends" , is there anything i can do to prevent this?


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  • try to flirt maybe he is trying to play hard to get so you will go after him because he is not sure you like him.


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