Guys, how do I show him im serious and show him he can trust me again?

I want to make this clear first, there was no cheating involved in this situation.
There's this guy I've been involved with on and off for years. We didn't actually date but we were the best of friends and always together, we slept together, I gave him relationship advice and so on. I moved away and he thought I was just out of town for the summer visiting family. He asked about dating when I came back and I had to break the news to him. He eventually asked me to move home and marry him and this is where I lost his trust. He told me all of his feelings, said he wanted to marry me, have a family together and so forth... I never said no but I never said yes either. We talked about it everyday and I was very happy and positive about the idea but I was in a really bad relationship at the time and I was insecure, scared of leaving, scared of the what ifs and so forth... he asked me 3 different times and I never gave him and answer asked nd he finally lost it on me and said some mean things. We started talking 6 months ago again after a year of the silent treatment. We made plans around Christmas...he bailed...made more plans later...he bailed and we made plans for this past weekend, he was a dick and bailed. He can be so sweet sometimes but come crunch time the week before he gets cold feet...he's said he doesn't trust me anymore and he is still hurt and out how things happened...I finally layed all the cards on the table... he replied and it wasn't bad either... and then he is a jerk. I dont know if he's scared to have feelings and outs gain for me, if he's just not interested or this is his sweet revenge because where I am now... is the exact place he was in 3 years ago the first time he asked me to marry him. Can I get some thoughts? There's obviously more to the story...not much though but thats the jest of it.

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After I told him how I felt and I did want to marry him and have a family with him and I explained everyone to him he said he might see me this weekend d that just past and Friday he told me he couldn't so I asked about Saturday. . no answer so later that night I texted him and told him I was very confused with the mixed signals and got no answer. Saturday morning I asked about seeing him he said "no I'm busy I work please leave me alone" so I sent him a messege in response
Just stating he's changed and such and I was going to delete his number (I was frustrated ) but I couldn't. Later I sent him a messege and asked why he dislikes me so much... I didn't k ow it but my friend had messeged him and wasn't pleased and told him I had a break down that morning after his text... I did. He sends me a messege saying he won't tell me again but to leave him alone and so forth that he's not bailing on his family or job to to just "chill" because im up ( I never asked him to)


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  • Sounds like there is a little justice in the world.

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