He confuses me , and today?

We have been seeing each other for 17 months we text everyday , today I hadn't heard from him so I messaged he then asked how my day has gone and that he missed me today .... If he missed me why didn't he text ?! I was at work today and he wasn't , what do you think is he just wanting me to chase him ? Or


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  • Answer honestly. Did you meet this guy online? I'm not judging, but I don't understand what "seeing each other" could mean. Actually seeing each other? Or talking intimately? Because if all you guys do is text, that's would be my general assumption. If you have indeed met online, then perhaps the man had felt that the little the rendezvous is boring and he's over it. It is possible that the man has insecurity issues/uses pictures of other people on his profile, so he wants to end it before things get serious enough for you two to meet. If I am completely wrong in judgement, I am terribly sorry for the assumption. If you guys actually see each other a lot of the time, and would go on dates, my input would be different. If you guys have exclusively dated for this long, than he would have been more dramatic if he were to end things, But it seems to be that texting is your issue. Today's society results to texting as a means of a majority of their communication. If you guys are exclusive, and all you do it text to talk to one another, that's the issue. People would get tired texting, because it's the same thing all the time. Try something new, like a surprise date or even talking on the phone.. Maybe even skyping when you have the time!

    Lastly, there could be a chance that he's usually the one who makes the first move. That's tiring too.. So he could have come to the conclusion that you're not really interested since he's doing all the work. Or if it's not that, he probably assumes that he's not important enough for you to text him first. He wants you to do the first move, in other words, to text him first.

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