What did she mean by this? What should I do now?

I have been talking to a woman since about November. We get along very well tease each other and have the same humor. She has a child and has a pretty bad background with horrible guys so she really doesn't know if she wants a relationship or not. She has hinted towards me that she see us as a couple. Sending me funny perfect couple texts from online saying thats totally us. The question is about 2 months ago she sent me a snapchat accidently that was meant for her sister and she had her breast out because she was breast feeding her child. I asked her if that was suppose to be for me and she said no and was really embarressed and I told her its nothing I grew up with 2 sisters and have seen pretty much everything. However yesterday we are texting back and forth and I get a snapchat from her with now a very close up to her breastfeeding again and this time I could clearly see it the first time I didn't see it clearly it was night and she had her phone further away. The second one was right there lol. I asked her if that was supposed to be for me and she said lol. So what did she mean by all of this? We have talked before about sending nudes and stuff (not with each other just in general with a future boyfriend) and she said she didn't think she could do it because you never know what happenes to those pictures. Has she changed her mind?


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  • She was definitely trying to send you nudes. When you have a picture that contains sensitive material, you go out of your way to ensure it is delivered to the right person. And if she did it twice... she definitely did it on purpose.
    Maybe she had some doubts the first time and wanted to see how you responded (hence the cover story). The second time, she just wanted to show you her boob


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