I can't approach her, help?

i have posted about this a while a go about a girl who approached me in college and started talking to me while i was playing on my 3ds. From that point on i have noticed she has been eyeing me quite a bit and seems to check to see if im in my friend group. So the indicators are there that she likes me, i mean she approached me! which is a surprise and a change. Well i should of just dived in like any normal guy and started talking to her more, however i have slight social anxiety and used to suffer from deppression (however i hide it quite well in college and basically act as normal as possible :3 ) well anyway i want to approach and talk to her but she is always with her friends and the only time our crosses path is in the busy corridor before lessons, so her friends are always with her and i can't pluck up the courage to just do it >.< any advice ladies and gents?


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  • well, if she's been eyeing you, and talking to you, she's obviously hinting that she wants you to make a move because most girls will wait for the guy to make the first move.
    1. If she likes you and she sees you in the hallway or whatnot, even if she's with her friends, she will most likely notice you, so wave and smile! Girls LOVE that! If my crush waves at me in the hall or even makes eye contact, I could faint! And it will signal to her that it's ok to approach you and that you notice her.
    2. If you have the balls to do this, go up to her and say hi to her while she's with her friends. Come up with something casual to say and walk away. Her friends quite probably know that she likes you and if you walk up and say anything to her, as soon as you walk away her friends will probably be all like "Ooooh! He talked to you!!" and she will be more likely to approach you in the future.
    The fact that she approached you, probably means that she's not really afraid to approach guys (I'm like that too so I think I know how to deal with a girl like that). IMPORTANT: Just because we're not afraid to approach you, doesn't mean that we'll chase you. WE DO NOT LIKE TO PURSUE! If you don't talk to her she might think that you find her annoying or imposing and she won't approach you again. If you act disinterested, she'll back off.
    ~Panda Graciosa

    • I guess ur right, i will have to do some of the hard work, i'll try my best :3

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  • You could maybe give her your number to one of her friends if that seems less scary? I'm really shy so I get how hard it can be.

    I'm sure that she has at least a little bit of interest in you so she will be happy if you show to her that you woud like to know her!

    (Do you know her name? Add her on facebook!)

  • I think you should walk up to her and her friends and say "excuse me ladies I'm going to have borrow your friend for a moment". I think that would be awesome. But I'm only 14 so what should I know about approaching girls lol


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  • The friends thing sounds like an excuse. When you don't want to do something, it is easy to pinpoint a bunch of reasons why you shouldn't. Either approach her while she's with her friends or find a time when she isn't with her friends. No one is surrounded by friends at every single second of every single hour of every single day

    • I don't agree with you on that. If you are very shy or if you have S. A. approaching and talking to someone is hard, if he/she is surrounded by a bunch of other people you don't know, then that's even more scary. It's not an excuse at all. :)

    • @PuddingFishCake My input comes from my own experience with S. A. As someone who has social anxiety, I will avoid a social situation at all costs. I will make excuses and believe I am not actually making excuses, when in fact I am. These excuses are logical and maybe there is some truth to them, but they are still excuses. They allow me to avoid the situation.
      I didn't say it wasn't scary. I have S. A. Talking with people is scary as hell. Usually people make excuses when they are scared of something.