Plan to ask this guy to the park to talk -stuff to explain. How to ask neatly when busy 8 am to 10 pm w/ one erratic half day off?

I'm going to ask this guy to the park to talk - some stuff to explain- but I don't know how to do it neatly bc I'm busy 8 am to 10 pm with one half day A week of my choice. Ifk his schedule and mine is erratic. . So I can't just be like let's go "this time" bc I only have one time before ten and otherwise park is closed. When asking someone it do you ask their schedule and figure it out ? Or let them know your schedule and see what they prefer? Are their rules ? Order of operation or anything I should know? I'm a loner By choice. I dont hang out much with people so I don't know how it's supposed to be arranged. Thanks.

  • Ask his schedule come up with a day that works for me, then run it by him?
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  • Tell him my schedule ask him when he prefers to go , and plan it at his request?
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  • You should both plan a time when you can meet each other at the park for your date. Respect both of each other's schedules.

    • Yeah I actually agree.

      So tell him my schedule , ask him his schedule, then together come up with a day that works for both, of us? But even then one of us is going to hsve to make the first suggestion unless we say it at exactly the same time.

      I suppose when I tell him my schedule I can add waht day would be best for me then ask him about his schedule and ask what day/ time is best from him:)

      I really dk why so much advice is based on one person taking control like if it's done together it's not romantic or soemthimg... I find it the opposite. Id rather Everyone feel involved so no one feels controlled and everyone is sure of the others persons interst.

      Thank you:)

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    • Ohhhh ok that makes more sense:) I misunderstood.

      I probably will let him kiss me first just bc I never really kissed anyone before - just kissed back... But does it really matter who kisses who first as long as we both want to kiss?

    • Yeah you got me there I guess it doesn't matter :) good luck

  • Just ask him when he is free four days before you are.

    • Well I'm free the same time every day- after 9 pm. Then I have one half day off a week bit it changes every week. So there's really no way to let him know foir days before my half day off bc Id just take my day off defending on when he is free.

    • Depending *

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