New boyfreind advice on shyness?

Well I'm just got a new boyfreind who goes my school and we have spoke a lot on text but when we r in school and I go to talk to him my throat goes dry And I freeze up I am shy and so is he my freind keeps trying to push me into him and saying talk to /hug your boyfreind we r going library on our own tommorow how do I start convosation or hug him


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  • First of all, congrats.

    I know things can be very awkward at that age, but just be your self. Talk just the way you were wrting him. Trust me, he is probabl just as nervous as you are. Starting the talk will impress him and probably make him like you even more.

    Don't let your friends freak you out, they are probably even a bit jealous on the inside.

    What i would recommend you is to try and meet your boyfriend outside from school, just the two of yo. This will lower the awkwardness by a lot.

    Best wishes to you.


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