Need help choosing who to date?

Okay so two guys like me. One is named Jake and one is Andrew. So Andrew actually asked me out on Friday and I haven't told jake. Jake is flirting with me a lot lately.
So here are some facts on jake:
we go to school together
he is funny but never serious
i can make dirty jokes around him and curse and he won't care
he is in my grade but older than me

here are facts on Andrew:
we don't go to the same school
he's a little younger but same grade
he's kind of sexually innocent like even just concepts and words

they both SUCK at texting girls but Andrew is better texting than jake.
While chances are I won't get asked out by both Id like to be prepared and I have a thought on who I would say yes to but I just wanted some more opinion please. Thanks everybody!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • It sounds like there's no clear choice here. It's going to just come down to who you have more fun with.

    You said you're already going out with Andrew on Friday , so go out with him and see what he's like. If you like him, keep going out with him. If not, nicely let him know, and then you can go out with Jake instead.


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What Guys Said 2

  • i don't know them but jake sounds a little bit more nicer to me :) he is funny and gives attention to you. and in my opinion are older guys better then younger guys. just ask him out to a movie or something else :) i think he would like that.

  • Andreww sounds better as name basically... and he might be more kinky basically... most of the times "sexually innocent" people... tend to be the kinkier ones...;-)


What Girls Said 2

  • Andrew. He had the guts to ask you out.

  • Which one do you like most?

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