Im kind of scared at this point. What should I do?

Ok, I asked a question earlier. It was about this girl. We were friends, I liked her as more, so I asked her out. 15hrs later she broke up with me saying that she wasn't ready for a relationship. Later I found out the real reason. It was because she didn't want to ruin our friendship by dating. Well its been almost 4 years since that. Lately she has been distant, & I know she still likes me. So I asked a question wondering what I should do because of the way she was acting towards me. Well I have gotten stay distant from her & if she really likes you. She will go back to like she was. Well I've been doing that. She has been getting closer here & there, but nothing like before. Anyway, I've been on 1 of my online games lately. There is a guy that is great at this stuff. Though most of the crap spouted didn't work. Anyway I still love this girl, & I still want to be with her. I talked to my game family about it. They said that its been almost 4 years. Why not ask her out again? People change ya know. Well I've been thinking about doing it. But, I keep going over the what if's. What if I ask at the wrong time? What if she doesn't really like me? What if she rejects me? What if she breaks up our friendship over me asking again? Anyway the reason why I am trying to do it again is because I realized that if she ever got with another guy, I couldnt live with it. Not to mention that every time im around her, I get sick to my stomach & have to drink sprite or gengerale to soothe it. Its almost like when I try to give a speech in my speech class. Anyway, this plus school is killing me. Im a freshman in college, on my 2nd semester. its half way through the semester & Im already failing 1 class & almost failing another. I know that if I get this resolved with her, I might do better in my classes. But I can't do that until its resolved with her. Im kind of scared: of the rejection, the possible freindship break up, & for my gpa! I need some help. The more answers, the better.


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  • First off you have to decide if the risk of loosing her friendship is worth the chance she says yes and you take her out. If it turns out that she doesn't want to date you can always try to calm her and erasure her that you are good with that , but will you be alright with it? Do you know if she is crushing on anyone else? If she is that's a no go bro , that in most cases will fly back and bite you on the ars. See if you can find out from any of her friends that won't run and tell her your asking. If being with her is what you want then by gosh go for it as long as the light is green. Good luck on what ever you decide. Get this grades up too lol , just messing with ya.

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