Is it fair to be a woman and get everything for free?

So yeah guys are supposed to pay but in the end I will say is that totally fair is that just some kind of fortunate thing for women that they get free things. I do agree that in most cases men do make more money and the man I've been on dates with usually had decent jobs. But I've been to 60 concerts or more and I've only had to pay for two concerts maybe. I've been out to dinner probably over 400 times and have had to pay maybe twice. I never have to pay for drinks and any show our outing I go to a guy pays for it. Is that just the fortunate part of being a woman. I guess it's a cultural norm but maybe that's just an advantage.

I've had men willing to pay and maybe a few that were hesitant but still paid. Of course the guys are going to say well of course that's not fair in the end is it really fair I'm not complaining because I get free entertainment but what about the guys that don't have a lot of money

I get ok fine they're married or dating and they're the breadwinners sure. But why do men have to pay for women on dAtes. If you really look into it. It doesn't seem that fair. It's just a societally ingrained stigma and people are brainwashed.
Sorry I questioned it. Glad society is riddled with these stereotypes. Let the jerks pay for sure. Let them feel pressure and fear when on a date and cringe. Most don't care anyway. Most guys r morose dweebs and losers who have no clue how to treat women or anyone anyway


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  • OCCASIONALLY a woman will get something for free but we don't even get PAID as much as a guy when we are doing the SAME damn job... is that fair? NO!

    • I agree. Let the pigs pay

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    • What type of things do you mean? Opening doors, and carrying her over puddles, that type of thing?

    • Respect and consideration. A door opened would be nice.

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  • It's left over from a time where women were not expected to even enter the workforce, let alone earn anywhere close to what a man earns.

    So is it fair? I don't know. It just is what it is. If you're really uncomfortable with it, then you arrange your next date and pay for it yourself, and say something like "Don't worry about it, I invited you here so I'll take care of it." If he feels emasculated that's just something for him to work on.

    • I'm not uncomfortable with it at all
      I let the guy pay

  • if it was their choice then fair is irrelevant.

  • if they don't know you're a serial dater, sucks for them. you'll break them and they won't trust another girl, but who's fault will that be

    • No not talking about serial daters.

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    • @Asker in what way are they jerks?

    • now it sounds like you're against it but still let them do it. which would be lame. and don't go on dates with jerks, thats pretty obvious

  • If a girl expected (insisted) that I pay on the first date I probably would, but I wouldn't want to see her again. I'm a student and so are most of the girls I've dated, I'm no better off than they are.

    It's something that made sense when girls had no income, that's not the case anymore.

    • I think if a girl isn't willing to date a guy but pay for herself she's too materialistic for me. I don't like thinking that she wouldn't be spending time with me if I wasn't buying her stuff.

  • It's just another example of the incredible hypocrisy of modern women. They want to get rid of gender roles... except the ones that benefit them.

    Is it any wonder men are so cynical about women these days? Not.

    • By the way, men earn more money than women ON AVERAGE only because they work harder. Women who get the same degrees in college, go into the same fields, work as many hours and stay in the workforce earn every bit as much as men do.

      So not earning as much as men is no excuse for being a fucking freeloader.

    • Yeah it's obvious why no sane woman would even fathom dealijg with a loser like you. You're creepy

    • Women actually love me, but whatever.

  • its fair if the girls gives him something I guess. Then there are girls that will date a guy and go out on like 3 expensive dates, not kiss or anything, then she will leave him after he paid for everything which isn't fair. I think both should pay for it, like switch off between it or each pay for half of it.

    • Why does the girl have to give him something. He's paying for sex. That is just bs and stupid. Girls want sex too

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    • I don't think u get what I'm talking about and not interested in some angry weirdos rant

    • Then explain to me

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  • Well to be honest I think you have a pretty shitty perspective on it. So, because you benefit from it, it doesn't bother you at all that it's totally unfair to the guys you date? That's really not cool and it's women like you who men can point to to justify being disrespectful to women.

    I generally try to keep things fairly even in my dating relationships. I usually let them pay on the first date, since typically they asked me and so they are taking me out.. but after that, I try to pay every other time. Especially, if something that we do together is MY idea, I will pay.

    My boyfriend makes significantly more than I do at this point, so he does try to pay a little more often than I do, but he loves the fact that I pay my share as well. We've basically settled on whoever's idea it was does the paying, and then when it's the regular stuff like grabbing lunch or dinner when we're out and about, we'll typically just take turns.

    • I have a bad perspective on it u weird cunt? I'm questioning it. Get lost u piece of shlt. Crazy bitch

    • Well that escalated quickly...

      The way you wrote your initial piece it sure came off like you are more than happy to get free shit for being a woman. Like, you admitted it's not fair, but came off like you don't care that it's not.

      Regardless, no reason to call me a cunt or a crazy bitch... I was just telling you what I think of the situation which is, ostensibly, what you had been asking for...

    • @Asker You seem slightly inconsistent on this. On a comment below you said "I agree. Let the pigs pay", yet here you're offended at what @Sara413 said.

  • It's not fair. But who said life was fair?

    • Life is unfair, but surely if we can make it fairer that's a good thing to do.

  • Well, I don't let a guy pay for everything because I feel uncomfortable with the unfairness of that and I don't want to feel like I owe him, so even if he's willing, that's sweet and I appreciate the gesture, but I tend to insist on keeping it fairly equal. If he takes me out one night, I take him out another night. That way we can just focus on having a good time together, and not worry about who pays for what.

    • That's nice of you. I let the guy pay because most of the time they're jerks to me or have money. So I don't care

    • Why date jerks? They're not worth it.