Do you believe that there's a window in terms of getting with someone? Have you ever missed your window? What happens then?

My friends, both genders, insist there is a window of opportunity, so to speak, when you're trying to get with someone. Say you like someone, you hang out for a while, but no one makes a move ( they seem to think it had to be the guy) and the window closes. I think this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Maybe I'm just more forward or progressive, but why do guys have to do everything? Also, that assumes that girls are commodities to be gotten, like a box of cereal. If you don't snap it up now, someone else will! If I like someone and I think he or she liked me, I wouldn't dismiss the chance of us being together if nothing happened by so many days or weeks. That just seems dumb and a great way to miss out on things.

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  • yeah I've had this happen , there is a period when its more easy to date someone or like a period of times when its best to try and make a move. and after so long that window can close and they might end up dating someone else or you might meet someone else or whatever. when you meet someone you can't expect them to be an option to date forever is only so long for that chance to exist


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  • There is a window and it varies between girls. However, it usually closes sooner rather than later. Girls just assume the guy isn't interested and move onto crushing on some other guy.

    It pretty much goes like this-

    They put out really vague signals.
    We don't pick up on them until a certain amount of time has passed.
    We try to figure out what those signals mean.
    She gets frustrated and stops putting signals out.
    We get confused and wonder if the signals she sent out were real.

    Rinse and repeat.

    • Scarily accurate.

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    • That's not a a problem with time thats a problrm of poor communication and lack of assertiveness from either the girl or boy. You don't have to be sure you're getting signs to ask someone out and you don't have to limit yourself to sending signs and saiting to be asked out.

      Thst entire miscommunication wouldn't happen if the girl adked you out before moving on. Which might take a long time so basically how long would " you" wait?

    • @azara tell all that to the hordes of women who want the guy to make the first move. As long as they insist on that then there will always be a window until their interest wanes and they move on.

  • I'm sure the outlook isn't about looking at woman as a commodity (though some people unfortunately do still see it that way), it's more a judgment about the way relationships evolve through time. As if there's a point where both people are open to it, before which it's premature and they don't know each other enough and after which they become too contented and will reject each other because "they don't want to ruin their friendship" or something, or perhaps they just lose interest.

    I don't know if it's true. But what is true is that if you like someone, then the longer you wait the more of a chance the person will go out with someone else and potentially start a relationship with that person instead of you, and then you really will have missed your chance.

    • I agree with you except for the part about not wanting to ruin the friendship. I've never understood what could be bad about getting with someone you already like.

    • Personally I think friendship is a great foundation for a relationship. But people do say things like that. I think it might be more of a "I'm worried it won't work out and then I'll have just lost a friend for nothing"

  • I doubt there is a true window of opportunity per se. I think there is some opportunities that should be taken sooner rather than later if I want to be with a girl though

  • I do believe there's a time window for that, and I have missed it before. There wasn't anything for me to do but move on.

  • The window closes when he goes for a different girl.

  • Yes that's a good analogy its true too.

  • There absolutely is a window, in all seriousness. The longer you wait to ask out a girl, the less likely you have a chance with her. Whoever fucks her first gets her. Women may have the luxury of believing otherwise, but men have to take considerably more action than women in dating, and successful guys know they can't wait and believe in stupidity like fate or until the time feels right or whatever.

    Fuck'em fast, or lick your wounds. That's the real world.


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  • No. If there is it's an artificial window someone created bc leaving the window open too long makes them lose value as a commodity. But personally I dont think there isa window except the window where girl or guy might think the other is not interested and move on. However this us silly if you haven't made a move- girl or guy.

    Also fir some asking too soon ruins things bc sins idols just need to ease into things. Though I think if true interest exists then time when shouldn't matter ultimately.

    I asked my fiancé' it after 12 months of knowing him and he almost rejected me not bc I waited too long but bc us unintentionally rejected him like ten tunes-- must have been very subtle advances from him bc I had no clue. :p

    it took me a long time to decide to ask him out bc of my lack of experience with relationships but the timing waiting a long time had no negative impact on us and it gave us time to get to know each other though that could've been accomplished with dating as well. But either way.

    I think you either like someone and are interested in them or it you don't and you're not... and people look for creative explanations to excuse a person just not being into them. They'd rather think they missed a chance as apposed to never had I've.

    glad he said yes :)

    • Typos:)

      BC some people need to ease into things*

      Ten times*

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